Interview with CS:GO Roca and EliGE

Tue 13th Jan 2015 - 6:26pm : General

On the 8th of January eLevate's CS:GO team picked up two new players, Roca and EliGE. On monday I was able to interview with them and ask them a couple questions that the community and I are wondering. Needless to say, we are all very excited for what the future will hold for our new team. 

Q: First things first, for those unaware could you give us a background of your Counter Strike career?

EliGE: I've played Counter Strike since I was 5 years old, but it was not continuous as I always bounced between games. I played for some seasons in CS 1.6, but nothing major. For CS:GO, I have had the game since it came out, but was still playing SC2 at the time, so I was only able to get serious at CS:GO the beginning of 2014 when I was done with SC2.

Roca: I’ve played multiple seasons of invite in CSGO, as well I have played invite in CSS and placed 2nd at ESEA LAN with FragMachines. Some teams I have played for in CSGO are, Frost Gaming, Area 51, and CyberRevolution

Q: Lets talk about the team a bit. How is the team chemistry within eLevate? What role do you fulfill within the team? How are you feeling about future games?

EliGE: We still have a lot to work on as far as chemistry goes, but that is with every new team. Two additions to the roster filling in new roles changes the gameplay of the team dramatically, so we will need some time to get used to each other. I think if we are able to get a lot of practice in, we can be a contender for top 5 NA this season. We have a lot of good aimers on the team, so we need to make sure we can support each other and know what we are all doing when we are doing it. I believe with enough practice we can take out any NA team. As for what role I fill, I will be entry fragging with Roca.

Roca: I’m feeling really good about the future with this team. Everyone on the team has the same goal in their head, comfortable in and out of game, and we all get along perfectly. We’ve all been putting in the work, we have the same goals, and we are all looking to make an impact. Also I fill the entry fragger role for the team. Tell me where to get a pick, and you got it!

Q: How is playing on eLevate differ from other teams you have played on?

EliGE: We are always open to trying new things and have no problem sitting in a server dry-running and going over strats for a long duration. I am very inexperienced as far as amount of seasons, and have only been on 2 teams in CS:GO (both of them being last ESEA Season 17), so I can't answer any more.

Roca: Playing on this team compared to all of my other teams is quite different. I have never really been on a ‘structured’ team before that has the same dedication and mindset that I have. We have a lot more dedication, and actually practice, instead of me being one of the only ones who actually want to play on my other teams.

Q: What inspired you to be a part of competitive gaming? With the rising community of CS:GO what do you see as the future of competitive CS:GO and even the future of eSports?

EliGE: I have always played games for the competition and always wanted to be at the top. I think I can be competitive for any game as long as I put in the hours needed to do so. CS:GO is becoming pretty popular recently and hopefully will be just as big as League of Legends soon. eSports is going to be a major market in the future and hopefully more investors get involved.

Roca: I always played [Counter Strike] a lot, I played in public servers more than anything. I found myself in a scrim one day, just for fun and I thought it was cool even though I was not very good. After that, I kept scrimming and that eventually lead to me playing on my first team ever. Since then, I have been playing competitive CS. For the future of CSGO, I see a lot of big tournaments coming up, and a great amount of competition in the scene. This is going to be a big year for CS!

Q: What issues (or bugs) do you think CS faces? Do you think these issues play affect the game in a large way?

EliGE: The only bugs I can think of is that sound is not the best in the game and jumping hit boxes are completely ruined. Trying to shoot at someone jumping is literally impossible half the time and that is why the scout is so good. 

Roca: Personally, the only issues that I have a problem with is the jumping hitboxes, and the jumping scout. I do think that it has a negative effect on the game. The jumping hitboxes are not so great, and when you add the jumping hitboxes, and the jumping scout together...that could be a game changer.

Q: Any tips you know that are not widely known to help out lower ranked players?

EliGE: There are no magical tips that are going to make you insane at the game and you are going to have to put in a lot of time and effort if you want to improve. Death matching and watching player POVs are your best bet if you want to improve.

Roca: For people getting in to the game, or trying to get up the ranks – I would say, deathmatching, watching professional match demos, and paying attention to your crosshair placement. Also, having dedication is most important if you want to get better.



Nick Massaro

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